Find Your Heart's Desire Under the Palmetto Moon

Vine covered arbors shade old Charleston brick pathways winding around antique wrough iron patio furniture, unitque handcrafted garden statuary and pots of blooming annuals and perennials. Drawing many a customer simply for a summer stroll, Palmetto Moon Antiques located at 1157 Chuck Dawley Blvd. in Mt Pleasant, is as inviting inside as out. 

Owners Dana Weil and Diane Schroder purchase much of their inventory through estate sales, auctions and outside contacts garnered through Dana's many years in the business, Palmetto Moon Antiques also carries the unusual and distinctive from local and regional artisans. At present, Palmetto Moon Antiques offers hand-crafted pressed tin mirrors, iron bed-stands, garden arbors, trellises and garden art. 

Palmetto Moon Antiques has a large base of local clients drawn to the shop for both it's unpredictablity and practicality. As a small family run business with a cozy, relaxed atmosphere, Dana and Diane strive to give their customers a stress-free shopping experience that isn't intimidating or overwhelming. "We're not your typical antique store," Diane says.

Palmetto Moon Antiques provides clients a "wish book" for those hard to find items along with practical advice on everything from decorating to maintenance. "Not only can we help you find the perfect mirror, we can give you tips on how to property hang it," Dana says.

Drop by anytime Monday thru Saturday, 11-5 to visit, stroll and browse. You can reach Dana or Diane by phone at 843.856.1881. 

Written by Lee Ann Carter
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